Twin Peaks is a private, spring fed and well balanced lake for all types of coarse fishing. Night fishing is allowed and no permits are needed. The main features are lily pads and overhanging trees and some good stalking areas. Nine swims are situated around three sides of the lake which has a firm, sloping, weed free bottom with depths of 3ft to 6ft.

Great fun on the float rod or even pole if you are up for it..!! A fishing holiday in Brittany at Twin Peaks will appeal to those who have done with specimen hunting and now enjoy their fishing, appreciate peace and tranquility and want to go home at the end of a holiday feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The wildlife here is exceptionally varied with many varieties of birds, amphibians and insects to watch and photograph around the lake whilst the forest and surrounding fields are host to deer, wild boar, badgers and foxes.