At Twin Peaks our rules are made to protect our fish and the environment.

If you have any issues with these then please talk to us.

Arrival no earlier than 3pm - Departure 10am - unless by prior arrangement.

Fish Care

  • Barbless hooks only. NO barbed or Micro-Barbed of any description.
  • Never leave rods unattended or bait on hooks when out of the water.
  • Maximum 6 rods in the water at any one time.
  • No sacking or keepnets allowed
  • Night fishing is permitted but the angler must remain on the bank with the rods at all times.
  • Please use Klinik, Carp Care or similar on hook pulls and any other noticeable sores or damage to the fish.
  • Please respect the fish, take your photos kneeling down, then return them to the water unharmed and as quickly as possible using a weigh sling or cradle.
  • No bent hooks, Nailers, Lead Core or Braided Main line and No Fixed Rigs. Please use free running or safety rigs at all times.
  • No Seeds, Nuts or Plastic Baits.
  • *Stalking Specific  The lake has a few ideal stalking places and we welcome our guests investigating this way of fishing. HOWEVER, when stalking you MUST take with you and have ready for use, everything necessary for the care of the fish you are likely to catch. That Means:– landing nets and cradle suitable for the largest of our inhabitants.

    *Catfish Specific  At Twin Peaks the Catfish vary in size enormously and a number of anglers have been snapped off by the larger ones, therefore we have decided that when targeting the catfish we will allow the use of a wire trace. Hooks however are to remain barbless  and this will be strictly enforced.

Respect for your Environment
  • No Fires around the lake with the exception of a properly controlled BBQ.
  • No disposing of unused bait in the lake at the end of your holiday.
  •  Please do not leave any litter or cigarette ends around the lake or cause a nuisance or offence. Please respect your surroundings and the wildlife.
  • If you get snagged up in the lilies or rushes do not break your line. Please use the boat to row out to un-snag your line and fish. If you don't feel confident in a boat then we are happy to do this for you. Please ask us for our help.
  • Every effort must be made to remove tackle caught in trees and lily pads, we are pleased to help you with this.
  • To protect our fish from disease we supply landing nets and unhooking cradles free of charge for you to use.
  • We recommend 15lb minimum breaking strain main line for both carp and cat fishing.
  • Any damage to equipment or property must be paid for before leaving.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Twin Peaks and if you have any problems then please talk to us.