These are just three of the many wonderful testimonials we have received from our satisfied customers.

June 2019

4 years now coming to Twin Peaks, every year is better, the quality and size of fish is unbelievable. That’s down to Richard and Maureen putting in so much effort to ensure your stay at Twin Peaks is what any angler would want.
Again, great weather, Maureen’s great meals and great hospitality.
Next year is already booked.
Thank you both for making our stay so enjoyable - can’t wait for next year.
All the Best, Lu and Will x - Norfolk

August 2018

We came here for the second time and we enjoy it as much as the first time. We had good weather and caught a lot of fish.I had also a Catfish on my hook but he ran into the lilies and broke my hook. Patrick saw him pass by and said he was big, over 1m 50cms. Later in the week Patrick caught a small Catfish. We had a lot of small fish that were very beautiful.

In total we caught about 65 fish so it was successful. We will come back to catch the big Catfish, 1) to take away my hook out of his mouth and 2) to teach him that ‘we’ are the bosses..!!

Patje and Brig - Belgium

August 2017

It was a wonderful week at Twin Peaks. The lake talks for itself, it’s an idyllic place. There’s animals all over here. There are many types of carps in the lake. We caught commons, mirrors, fully scaled ones, a black common, a linear, a black common/crucian hybrid, another crucian hybrid and the two biggest fish were 8.1 Kgs and 8.3 Kgs.
But Maureen and Richard are really friendly, there’s no way they could be friendlier than now. They gave us tackle when we needed it and helped us in every situation. They liked the way we were fishing and it worked well for us. We caught more than 70 carp, 40 were over 3 Kgs.

We enjoyed our vacation. See you. Connor, Uwe and Romain - Germany